Me & My Travels

My name is Trish and I’m a teacher from Ireland. I’m a single parent and I love to travel. As a solo traveller and as the mother of a 14 year old girl I have travelled to 55 countries across 5 continents, 41 of which have been with my daughter.

Travel with Trish

I decided to start ‘Travel with Trish’ to share my travel experiences as a single mum and as a solo female traveller. When my daughter was born I had to adapt how I travel but it did not mean that I had to give up what I love doing. Travelling as a single parent around the world to places like Mexico, Syria, Malaysia, Iran and beyond has given me unique insights into this type of travel that I want to share with you. I love sharing my passion for travel with my daughter and she has learned and experienced so much already on our travels together.  I hope this blog will be an honest, relatable and inspiring resource for single parents and solo female travellers who want to find ways to make travel fit their lives.

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