Where I’ve Been

The areas in colour show the places that I’ve traveled to so far.  55 countries and counting!  (list below!)

Trish's Map

I have been to 55 of 195 countries across 5 of 7 continents and I have lived in the U.K, the U.S, and Italy (London, San Francisco, Rome and Bologna).

 North America :  Canada,  Cuba,  Mexico,  United States of America

South America:  Brazil

Europe : Andorra ,  Austria,  Belgium,  Czech Republic,  Denmark,  Estonia,  Finland, France,  Germany,  Greece ,  Holy See (Vatican), Hungary, Iceland,  Ireland,  Italy,  Latvia,  Liechtenstein,  Lithuania,  Luxembourg,  Malta,  Monaco,  Norway,  Poland,  Portugal,  Romania,  San Marino,  Slovakia,  Spain,  Sweden, Switzerland,  The Netherlands, Turkey,  United Kingdom

Africa : Kenya, Morocco,  Nigeria,  Senegal,  Tanzania

Asia :  Cambodia,  China,  India,  Iran,  Malaysia, Qatar,  Russia,  Singapore,  Syria,  Thailand,  United Arab Emirates, Vietnam

Oceania : None so far

Antarctica : Some day!