5 ways to fly better

Flying can be stressful. You’ve got the prospect of delays, cancellations, queuing for security and when you finally board the plane you may face  cramped seats and then there’s the possible jet lag. The following 5 tips can make flying a much better experience,  to make it through the airport stress free, have a pleasant flight and arrive at your destination ready to explore and not a hot mess!

  1. Plan ahead Advance planning is going to make your flying experience a whole lot easier. Get the best prices by using sites like Skyscanner and Kayak to compare fares. You can track prices for a while before booking if you have the time. Choose the time of day that you travel carefully. It’s always best to get the earliest flight possible on a short flight, you are less likely to be affected by delays which can have knock on effect on flights throughout the day. If you’re flying long haul  east it can make more sense to take an overnight flight, as you are more likely to sleep and you’ll arrive at your destination in the morning and if you are travelling west it can make more sense to travel in the morning and stay awake.


  1. Fast track and airport lounges Airport lounges are one way of making your time flying a lot easier. Even in the most basic of lounges you can have relax and have snacks, teas and coffee and have access to  Wifi and power points to charge your phone /laptop. The more upmarket lounges have  hot meals, showers and even spas.  Time spent in a lounge away from the masses in the airport is one sure way to board your flight a little less flustered. Many airports offer fast track lanes through security at a cost. Fast Track in Dublin airport costs approximately 8 euros.

  1. Pick the best seat A good seat is going to make flying a lot more bearable . I’m obviously talking about economy here ! There are apps that will help you choose your best seat such as Seat Guru. Exit rows have extra legroom, if you sit towards the front of the plane you can exit the plane quicker when you land. You probably have your own preference as to whether you want an isle or window seat and most people  do not want to be sitting next to a toilet.

  1. Luggage Not checking in luggage unless you absolutely have to is one of the best ways to make flying easier. A lightweight carry on cabin suitcase that is easy to carry is essential. As are packing cubes. Packing cubes are literally a game changer. The amount of clothes you can fit in these is unreal. I use two different colours, one for me and a different colour for my daughter.


  1. Fight jet lag As soon as you get on the plane set your watch to the time of your destination. You can then sleep and eat according to this time. If you’re super organised your could change your sleeping habits a few days before to get in sync with the time at  your destination.  It is also worth starting the flight hydrated so increase your water intake in the days prior to the flight. Eat lightly, drink lots of water and avoid the alcohol if at all possible. I always pack some raw food bars for the flight. For me certainly flying in economy usually means I cannot sleep properly but getting a few naps in definitely helps and don’t forget to include stretch breaks throughout the flight.


Do you have any tips for better flying ?  Would love to hear them.

Happy flying .

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