Counting Countries

There are two groups of people in the world of travelling, those who count countries and those who don’t. I am without a doubt,  a counter!  There is definitely a lot of travel snobbery out there  when it comes to the topic of counting countries and I just don’t get it. How many countries are… Read More

My top 10 travel apps

  Apps are pretty much a part of everyone’s daily life. From Instagram and Snapchat to Whatsapp and Facebook most of us spend a considerable amount of time on apps . There are so many travel apps available that can help you plan trips and also make life easier on the road. In fact there… Read More

A love affair with Italy

  My love affair with Italy has been a long distance relationship for the most part, spanning nearly two decades. I remember falling in love with this amazing country. I was 19 and had moved to Bologna to study there for the year. I was young,  enthusiastic and so excited for my Erasmus year .… Read More