Counting Countries

There are two groups of people in the world of travelling, those who count countries and those who don’t. I am without a doubt,  a counter!  There is definitely a lot of travel snobbery out there  when it comes to the topic of counting countries and I just don’t get it. How many countries are… Read More

A Travel Guide to Senegal

  If you have been looking for a travel guide to Senegal you’ve come to the right place. Senegal has been the highlight of my travels this year and is definitely up there in my top 3 favorite countries  visited ( of 44!). When I was there, the tourists I encountered were predominantly French and… Read More

5 ways to fly better

Flying can be stressful. You’ve got the prospect of delays, cancellations, queuing for security and when you finally board the plane you may face  cramped seats and then there’s the possible jet lag. The following 5 tips can make flying a much better experience,  to make it through the airport stress free, have a pleasant… Read More

Africa Day, Dublin 2018

This weekend Ava and I went to Dublin for the day to attend Irish Aid’s Africa day flagship celebration which took place in the Farmleigh Estate in the Phoenix Park. This annual event in Dublin is a free family friendly event and is Irish Aid’s flagship Africa Day celebration which aims to raise awareness of… Read More